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13 Common Mistakes that Every Amateur Blogger Make

Are you new to blogging and making a lot of silly mistakes like an amateur blogger?

Yes, don’t worry, this is not a big deal at all. When I started blogging I also did lots of mistakes as a newbie blogger but quickly I admitted my mistakes which is important. If we don’t accept that we are doing a mistake then how will we correct it?

To become a successful blogger it’s important to figure out the mistakes and correct them.

In this post, I have discussed in detail “13 mistakes that every amateur blogger makes at the beginning of their blogging journey. So if you’re new to blogging then must read this post to identify your mistakes.

What you will get to know if you read this post till the end?

  • You will get to know about the mistakes which are commonly done by amateur bloggers.
  • You will get to know the solution to each mistake, so if you have done those mistakes then you can rectify them.
  • You can save yourself from doing mistakes as a newbie blogger.

Let’s dive into it wasting any further time.

Not Using Right Theme

Most of the newbie bloggers choose a large size, irresponsive and a theme that is not good irrespective of Seo. Let me tell you the consequences of using such themes.

Large size themes slowdowns the website loading speed and no one wants to wait too much, so if your website takes plenty of time to load then chances are high that visitors will not browse your website.
An irresponsive theme does not adjust the website elements and content according to the size of the device, visitors may browse the website from mobile, tabs, or computer, so the website needs to be responsive so that it can display the content that fits best for the device and give a good experience to the user.
Non-Seo friendly theme can affect your ranking in google, So make sure you’re using a lightweight, responsive, and Seo friendly theme.

There are a variety of WordPress themes are available for blogging but I would recommend you to use either GeneratePress or Astra.

Both of these themes are lightweight, responsive and Seo friendly.

A free version of both these theme are available, but if money is not a concern for you then buy the premium theme to get more features.

Using Free Domain

If you’re using a custom domain then skip this section.

Most beginners do this mistake to save some penny. If you are also committing this mistake then it’s my humble advice to you to correct it by using a custom domain.

If you’re using a free domain then you should read the below five points :

A free domain is not good in terms of Seo because google doesn’t like to give such domains a higher ranking and yes if you are using a free domain then there is no guarantee of your website to be found on google.
May google spiders will not crawl your website accurately as a result your website will not get indexed.
Free domain does not provide the exposure, flexibility that you deserve. So if you want your website to get a good ranking then use a custom domain.
As far as I know, a free domain gets expires after one year, so like a custom domain, you have to renew it by paying some money. In case if you do not renew your free domain then you will lose all your website content and backlinks.
And if now you’re using a free domain and after some time you switch to a custom domain then you will lose all your backlinks for sure, so it’s better to use a custom domain from the beginning.
A custom domain will give you the freedom to establish your own blog website as a brand. After knowing the cons of a free domain I hope you will buy a custom domain for your blog website. If you don’t know where to buy a domain then let me tell You can buy it from Namecheap.

One more thing there are many domain extensions available like .com, .org, .net, .gov and many more don’t get confuse buy .com extension domain .

As you can see on this website I am also using .com extension domain (digitalgadjets.com).

Not Doing Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and Site audit

Most Beginners don’t know how to do keyword research and due to do this, they aren’t able to use the right keyword in their post.

And also they don’t know to perform a site audit and competitor analysis.

If you’re doing the same mistake then stop doing it because it will not be going to give you good results in a short time as well in long run. let me tell you why you should perform a site audit, competitor analysis and keyword research.

  • Site Audit is done to find out website issues. Now tell me if you don’t know your website issues then how will you correct them. So it’s necessary to do a site audit regularly.
  • Keyword Helps google to understand which topic your post is about. Keyword plays a vital role for posts to get a good ranking on search engines.
  • Competitor Analysis: It is always better to keep yourself one step ahead of your competitor for that you need to know what digital marketing strategies they are following, their content, how many backlinks they have and from where they created it, and also for which keywords they are ranking.
  • Ex: Suppose you are thinking to write an article about How to learn Email Marketing.

Tell me it’s not better first to check the competition on this topic. If you check then you can know SEO difficulty, competition difficulty, search volume, and which websites are ranking top on this topic and their backlinks.

If you do research then you can get an estimated idea of how much effort you have to give to beat the competition.

How to do Keyword research, competitor analysis and site audit?

There are many SEO tools are available which you can use to perform Keyword research, competitor analysis, and site audit but the one which I recommend is SEMrush.

SEMrush is used for a site audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, site positioning, backlink sources, content creation, and many more.

This is an awesome SEO tool used by bloggers and businesses.

Not using reliable, fast and secure WebHost

Are you using free hosting? or a host that is not suitable for your website?

In the beginning, mostly amateur bloggers to save some money use free hosting or a cheap hosting platform. (# this is a big mistake)

Reason to not use free hosting?

  • In free hosting platforms, you will not get a lot of features that you get in paid hosting.
  • In a free host, there is high downtime, low speed, lack of customer support.
  • You will get very little storage and No backup.
  • I think hosting a website on a free host platform is like swimming without water. So if you want your website to be unusable then host your website on a free hosting platform.

When to use free host?

Free hosting is best for learning purposes but if you want to make money through your website then it’s better to host your website in good web hosting.

Why use good web hosting?

In short to get better uptime, good server response, fast page loading, backups, and good customer support. Always choose a hosting provider that provides good uptime, solid customer support, and whose servers are fast. Thinking why I am saying this? Let me tell you.

Your website speed also depends upon your web hosting.

According to Neil Patel if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load then probably the chances are high that visitors will leave your website.

And if you choose a web hosting whose server is not capable of handling your website then it can affect your website speed.

Not let’s talk about the importance of good uptime but for that, you have to know …….

What is uptime and downtime?

Uptime is the amount of time that the server which hosted your website is up, running, and performing well. In simple words, your website remains live on the web and visitors can browse it whereas downtime is the amount of time that the server which hosted your website is not up and running. In downtime, visitors cannot browse your website.

You work hard to bring traffic to your website but if visitors aren’t able to access or can’t read your website content then your all efforts will go into pain.

Customer Support

When I started blogging as a beginner I don’t know many things, I don’t know how to install SSL in the domain, connect a website with Cloudflare, installing WordPress. (Buy Hostinger Hosting from here)

So I contacted my hosting customer support and they helped me. It’s possible that as a newbie blogger you may stuck at any point, so it’s better to host the website in such a hosting provider that gives Solid customer support.

So if you’re not using good hosting for your website then I would recommend you to switch to a good host.

There are many hosting providers are available in the market but the one which I recommend you to use is Fastcomet. It is reliable, fast, and secure.

I have used this hosting and I am happy to tell you that Fastcomet provides a good service at an affordable price. Let me show you something.

I have hosted a website in fastcomet and you can see that the performance is A+, it’s awesome the server is exceptionally quick.

How to purchase a Fastcomet hosting plan ( skip these steps if you already hosted your website in Fastcomet).


Step 1: Choose a plan according to your requirement. If you want to host a single website then go with the FastCloud plan but if you want to host more than one website then go with either FastCloud Plus or FastCloud Extra.

Step 2: You can also buy a domain from Fastcomet but if you already have a domain then click on the already have a domain option and enter the domain name.

Step 3: Enter the information and complete the purchase.

Confirm your plan and choose the data center based upon your audience location. Suppose traffic will come to your website from the US then choose a US data center location.

You can make payment either through a Credit card or PayPal.

Not Writing Quality Content

The biggest mistake is writing poor-quality content. I have also done this mistake and it takes me almost two years to realize that.

I was focusing more on quantity rather than quality. But however, I understand that it’s better to write 1 quality post rather than 10 low-quality posts.

Poor content is not going to help your blog to get traffic as well as attention from readers.

Understand that, in blogging content, is the king. As a blogger, your aim should be to provide valuable content to your audience.

If your content does not help your visitor then you cannot able to survive in this blogging industry.

Are you struggling to write quality content?

If yes, ask yourself why you’re not able to write content? As far as I know, maybe because of the following reasons:

  • You don’t have knowledge about the topic on which you want to write.
  • You don’t have an interest in your niche.
  • You’re not able to think about the topic.
  • May you have another reason so try to figure it out.

Some tips which you can follow :

  • Before writing any content do some research and get some knowledge.
  • If you can’t able to write then don’t frustrate yourself rather than try to think about the topic.
  • Choose a niche in which you have an interest.

Suppose you writing about “How to make the cake at home”?

  • Cover each and every process which involves making a cake.
  • Try to explain in a simple and easy way.
  • Do not end with explaining the process of making pizza. Don’t get distracted always write content that makes sense of your topic, so that audience can connect themselves with your content.
  • I hope you’re enjoying reading this post and still you’re reading that shows your interest in blogging.

I have never done this mistake because from the beginning I know how to save a blog from getting copyright. Amateur bloggers make this mistake because they don’t know where to get copyright-free images.

If you also don’t know then let me tell you.

Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash are some platforms from where you can get copyright-free images and the best thing is you don’t have to pay any money to get awesome images from these websites.

Note: So if you’re using copyright images then remove them immediately otherwise you may get a copyright strike.

And if you want to use other content like images, infographics make sure to take permission first and don’t forget to give them credit.

Not linking To Others

Linking quality content can also help in ranking and by doing that you can build a healthy relationship with other bloggers.

If you do not give others backlink then don’t expect to get backlinks in return. Do not make this mistake.

And don’t link poor content. Only link those content that can help your audience. Let me give you an example:-

Suppose you’re writing an article about how to start a blog? In this content, you can link an article like ” 10 Common Mistakes that Every Amateur Blogger Make” which you should avoid.

In this way you’re able to do two works at the same time, first is you’re adding more value to your content and the second one is you’re linking other content.

I hope you got my point.

Backlinks are important for the ranking of the website that’s true. But most amateur bloggers start building backlinks without having content.

This should be avoided when you start blogging For the first five-month try to fill your website with some quality content at least more than 50.

Then after start building backlinks and be sure that you’re building backlinks from the reputed website because it can give you more exposure.

If you’re a Newbie blogger and don’t know about backlinks, so here I will explain in short.

Backlinks are created when a website links another website URL on their website. It is also called inbound and incoming links.

There are two types of backlinks :

Do follow
No follow
When you link a website URL to your website then it’s completely up to you whether you want to give do follow or no follow backlink.

If you give a do-follow link that means you’re telling Google that the content of this link is valuable and worth it. In simple words, you give a reference to that website which link you have added to your website.

No follow link is just linking other website URLs and telling Google to ignore the link and it’s not important.

Do follow backlinks are more valuable than no follow and you should focus more on building do-follow backlinks.

I hope you like the short information about backlinks, see dear I can’t explain in more depth because it will make the article lengthy but I will try to upload a separate post on backlinks. So don’t forget to subscribe to the website to get the notification.

Relying on only Organic traffic

Amateur bloggers rely only on SEO to bring traffic. It is always better to create more ways to bring traffic to the website rather than depending upon only one medium.

So if one doesn’t work then others will give you the result.

Create more ways to bring traffic to your blog because your earning will depend upon the traffic, if your blog gets impressive traffic then probably chances are high you will make more money.

What are other ways to bring traffic to the website? Apart from SEO you can do email marketing and run social media ads to bring traffic to your blog.

You can see those who are interested in blogging or email marketing can subscribe to my website, so when I upload a new post regarding blogging or email marketing I can tell them through email.

You can build your own audience by collecting email and then you can use it to bring traffic to your blog.

Now Suppose you have collected 20000 emails that means you have an audience, So whenever you publish a post you can tell your audience about that by sending an email.

Probably the chance is high that among 20 k at least 5k of your audience will come to read the article.

Don’t know how to start email marketing? Read this post on 8 steps to start email marketing in 2020 for beginners.

You should not ignore social media.

It will not cost you a single penny to create a page on Facebook or Instagram, so why not give some effort and create an audience on social media platforms.

And you can also run ads of your posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram to bring traffic to your blog.

It is the best way to bring traffic to a new blog website.

Can’t Keep Patience And Quit Blogging
When I started blogging I quit it within 20 days because in that period I haven’t earned a single dollar. That’s my stupidity and I don’t want you to do this mistake.

Always remember ” Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”.

Amateur bloggers have a misconception that blogging is a quick way to earn money and after doing blogging for one or two months they quit it.

If you’re also started blogging by having this misconception then it’s important for you to know that blogging takes time.

Want to be your own boss, earn money, and work under your own circumstances?

But can’t keep patience that’s not fair.

Dear, there is no pain no gain, you should work hard and learn things quickly at least give 1 year to your blog without thinking that it will give you money in that period.

Do Not invest in Plugins, Themes and Tools

Most amateur bloggers don’t want to invest money maybe because they scare to invest. They are not sure that they will be able to make money from blogging.

Well, that’s a wrong approach and you should invest some money in tools, plugins and themes to get a better result.

Not on all plugins, themes and tools but at least invest in those which you need. As far as I know, you need an SEO tool, theme and good hosting.

I will recommend you to use the SEMrush SEO tool, For theme use either Astra or GeneratePress and for hosting use Fastcomet.

Not Taking Backup Of Website

What is a backup of the website?

It means taking a copy of your website, so in case if your website crashed and all data get corrupted then you can recover your website.

Suppose you are doing some changes to your website and something error happens and you want your website as it was before doing the changes.

In that situation backup can help you, all you need to do is restore the backup and your website will become as it was when you have taken the backup.

I highly recommend you take backup of your blog website.

How to take backup of website?

There are many ways to take backup but the easiest one is to take it with updraft plus. UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin, so you need to install and activate it.

  • To take a backup, go to setting and click on UpdraftPlush Backups.
  • Now click on the backup that’s it. It’s easy, isn’t it? Tell me in the comment section.
  • If you don’t want to take backup manually then you can schedule it. After scheduling, your website backup will be automatically taken.
  • Read this: How do I schedule backups for my files and databases?


What newbie bloggers do after writing some blog posts they stop writing. This is a not good thing at all, if you are doing this mistake then stop doing it right now.

Maybe many of you are students and employees who started blogging but you don’t have time to manage it.

Well “Busy people make time “. If that’s the case, I will advise you to make a schedule and follow it.

Decide how many posts you’re going to publish each week.
How many posts you will update each week.
Definitely, you will able to work more effectively if you make a schedule and strictly follow it.

Final Words
In this post, I have shared some mistakes that amateur bloggers do when they start blogging.

If you’re committing any of the mistakes which I have highlighted in this post then correct them otherwise it can ruin your blogging carrier.

If you are doing blogging then do it properly. Figure out your mistakes and correct them. otherwise, there is only a wastage of time because already big players are there and your website small error can put you back and you can’t able to beat your competitors.

Never misguide your readers. See blogging is not a short journey so you have to keep patience to get better results and as a blogger, your aim should have to gain user trust.

That’s all I want to say.

Thanks for reading|

Hey, if you find this post useful then don’t forget to comment and feel free to contact me if you have any doubt.

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